Medical insurances

One of the main requirements of all European countries is all tourists and visitors to have a medical insurance. WASTEELS offers the travel incurances of CORIS. These travel insurances guarantee you medical assistance abroad in case it is needed. In case of  event abroad, you should immediately contact the insurance company. All the payments are performed between the insurance company and the hospital.  If you have to pay for treatment carried out, be sure to get a medical report stated your diagnosis, treatment, and keep all payment records.

The coverage of the Insurance policy may vary:
10 000 EUR, 15 000 EUR, 20 000 EUR, 25 000 EUR, 30 000 EUR, 50 000 EUR

At this coverage the Insurer reimburses, up to the amount of the sum insured, specified in the insurance policy, the expenses for medical treatments that are proven by supporting documents and are made by the Insured, who during his trip abroad, had an emergency medical treatment due to sudden disease or accident, to restore his health to a degree that allows him to return or be transported to his home or hospital in his country.

The expenses covered by the insurance are:

  • Medical expenses in case of hospitalization;
  • Medical expenses on ambulatory treatment;
  • Emergency evacuation and rescue operations;
  • Repatriation of mortal remains;
  • Dental treatment to the amount of 150 euro;
  • Transmission of emergency communications in extreme situations;
  • Delivery of medicines.

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